Additional Modules

1449568641 icon-101-folder-search STOCK TRANSACTIONS 
QPosWin Stock management is an integrated add on module that provides full inventory management at the Point of Sale. Allows stock to be receipted, issued, ordered, transferred, stock adjustments and stock-takes.
1449568477 icon-23-one-finger-double-tap TOUCH SCREEN AND CAFÉ
QPosWin has the ability to support Touch screen operation. QPosWin supports the ability to dynamically create on screen product buttons with tab menus making for an easy and user friendly operator interface.
1449568824 InterfaceExpendet-11SUPPLIER & PURCHASE ORDERS
Supplier and Purchase Orders module is used for the creation of Supplier stock lists and purchase orders. The system supports partial deliveries and finalizing of incomplete orders, as well as the ability to export the PO back to the accounting system.
1449631277 10-264 EFTLINK / SYNCHRO / DPS
As data is transferred directly to the EFTPos terminal, there is less risk of human error and deliberate fraud. The process is more efficient and speeds up transactions at the POS. 
1449563865 Label LABEL PRINTING
Label Printing provides the ability to produce product/barcode labels or shelf labels. The label printing module has a fully featured label design tool for custom labels.


A till reconciliation and cash balancing function is provided. An end of the day Auto Close feature is available. QPosWin has an extensive and comprehensive range of reports available at the POS terminal. A number of the reports may be exported to a CSV file, for use with MS Excel. Most reports can also be saved in PDF format. 
  • QPosWin produces a comprehensive range of reports relating to sales analysis, stock movement, profitability, sales audit trails of daily transactions, till takings breakdown, product ranking, gross profit analysis reports.
  • QPosWin is an ideal solution for systems that require a remote or multi location point of sale or stock management and invoicing system
  • QPosWin can supply any hardware that may be required – Touch Screen PC, scanners, receipt printers, label printers, cash drawers
  • QPosWin is a complete system but is also designed to integrate with Back Office Accounting systems, in particular; Accredo Mercury or Saturn and Prophet Windows Business Software Attache Pro.

QPosWin is a fully featured Point of Sale software application designed to be user friendly and easy to operate. 


QPosWin is modular with additional functionality and features that can be added to the basic implementation. 


​QPosWin may be installed as; a single stand alone lane of POS, multi-lane POS on a local area network or in a multi-location POS configuration.



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