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1449630870 icon-41-target-arrow CUSTOMER LOYALTY

Customer Loyalty is a substantial aspect of a retailers operation, stimulating repeat business by attracting customers back as often as possible. The QPosWin Customer Loyalty module allows the Point of Sale to track sales made to a customer and collect points for purchases which may be redeemed as rewards or discounts. The information being retained allows the retailer to develop profiles of regular customers and to enable rewards for regular purchases and the accumulative value of purchases.

1449631412 label-137 SPECIAL PRICING

Flexibility in being able to determine pricing and respond to the market in the retail Point of Sale environment is key to success. The QPosWin Special Pricing module provides you with virtually limitless pricing flexibility. Are you pricing incentives into your retail business? Do you have the need for limited time or fixed period specials?

1449631769 sticker blue sale-476VOUCHERS

Vouchers, Gift or Promotional, encourages customer purchasing and convenience for gift shopping. The Voucher is a valid means of generating brand awareness as well as customer loyalty. The QPosWin Voucher module has been designed to assist and enhance the retailers ability to trade with Vouchers. 

The QPosWin Voucher module provides the ability for the retailer to print Vouchers on demand at the Point of Sale. “No more hand printed Voucher slips” The voucher can then be inserted quickly into a professional and branded card pocket for the customers convenience. QPosWin also allows you to support other Voucher types – for example Mall Vouchers. 


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