• QPosWin is a fully featured Point of Sale software application designed to be user friendly and easy to operate. QPosWin is modular with additional functionality and features that can be added to the basic implementation. QPosWin may be installed as; a single stand alone lane of POS, multi-lane POS on a local area network or in a multi-location POS configuration. 
  • QPosWin produces a comprehensive range of reports relating to sales analysis, stock movement, profitability, sales audit trails of daily transactions, till takings breakdown, product ranking, gross profit analysis reports.
  • QPosWin is a complete system but is also designed to integrate with Back Office Accounting systems, in particular; Accredo Mercury or Saturn and Prophet Windows Business Software Attache Pro. 
  • QPosWin is an ideal solution for systems that require a remote or multi location point of sale or stock management and invoicing system
  • QPosWin can supply any hardware that may be required – Touch Screen PC, scanners, receipt printers, label printers, cash drawers.
1449566993 Label PRODUCT RETURNS
Goods may be returned by easily executing the transaction for credit or exchange. 
1449563224 barcode BARCODES / UNITS
Products may have multiple barcodes. Support for multiple units of sale, for example, beer may be sold in unit quantities of each, 6 Packs, Dozens and so on. 
1449557089 icon-124-printer-text-575 PRINTING
QPosWin can print multiple copies of receipts, invoices and packing slips
1449566285 9-852ACCOUNT SALES
QPosWin supports account or charge sales/invoices to a customers account. Order numbers may be entered during the sale, order numbers may be mandatory.
Track sales to individual salesperson. Security settings can restrict access to QPosWin functions to authorised staff only, security can track all users actions.
1449564443 icon-147-tags DISCOUNTS
Flexible discounting facility allows for customer, quantity based, or manual discounts. Discounts may be percentage or dollar value and a single item or across the whole sale.
Selling a product is simple, scan the product barcode or type in the product code. Supports searches by partial product code or product description. Keyboard wedge or OPOS barcode scanning technology maybe used with QPosWin
1449564538 icon-60-document-diagrams TENDER TYPE / SPLIT PAYMENTS/FOREIGN CURRENCY
As many tender types as are needed may be set up. The operator can split the payment for a sale over a maximum of six tender types. Foreign Currency is also supported.
1449564278 icon-73-documents MULTIPLE BRANCH/STORES STOCK
Multiple branches are supported, allowing stock levels to be viewed at at other branches/stores. Up to 15 price levels per product item, the price level may be predefined for individual customers. 
Four sales screens are available on the main sales grid allowing four active sales to be in process at one time. Sales may also be suspended during the sale process. Suspended sales may be “merged” into one sale when a suspended sale for a customer.


A till reconciliation and cash balancing function is provided. An end of the day Auto Close feature is available. QPosWin has an extensive and comprehensive range of reports available at the POS terminal. A number of the reports may be exported to a CSV file, for use with MS Excel. Most reports can also be saved in PDF format. 





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